Lunch at Frank's Bait & Taco

   Today's entry is going to touch on crafts... but mostly FOOD! My dad had recently tried a family owned restaurant in Canyon Lake. He really liked it and thought we would all enjoy the experience, so today we went to check it out, Frank's Bait & Taco. I of course grabbed my camera to take pictures of the atmosphere... my dad told me about it, and it sounded like my kind of place.  The food was excellent, HUGE portions and very good! Presentation was excellent as well. I met Ed, the owner, and he is a great guy who loves to talk to his guests and make them feel like they are right at home. We had a chat and he showed me some great artifacts in his place that were very interesting, unique and very close to his heart, some even sent from out of state. He places each gifted item/items in a special place in the restaurant to share with anyone and everyone who dines. He wants there to be some thing interesting to see in every corner of "Frank's Bait & Taco".

The atmosphere

Bottle caps!  :)

The Food

The Shop

Out Door Seating

I love this sign

  The ladies (mom, sister and I) went looking around at some other shops in Canyon Lake and this caught my eye. I think because I actually have a mini sewing kit I recently found that was my late Grandmothers, very similar to this one. Very vintage, I had to snap a quick photo.

   Well that was our very interesting day, I hope you enjoyed the pictures, I could have taken soooo many more. Maybe next time, huh. 

                                                                                                               xoxo, Val


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