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Tutorial: Duck Tape Flower Pens

I just learned how to make these cool Flower Pens, using Duck Tape! I like them so much and wanted to share how I make them. This project may be a trial and error for some to get the technique just right, or the technique/results YOU like.  Enjoy, hope you have fun with this project.

2 different colors of Duck Tapepenscissorsrhinestonehot glue gun
Measure the pens length with the first color of Duck Tape, make a small cut.

Finish the cut as straight as you can, wrap this piece of Duck Tape around the length of the pen.

The Pedals: Second color Duck Tape

Each piece of Duck Tape should be around 2 inches.

Fold the edges overlapping to make a tip, leave some sticky Duck Tape exposed.

I start my flowers low to the butt of the pen, I like to put rhinestones as the bud to decorate.

Fold both edges around the pen.
I like to put the first two pedals on then then add the rhinestone, that way you don't risk burning the Duck Tape later.

Keep wrapping your Duck Tape pieces …

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