Rain Bird Gallery Blanco, Texas

   I feel so bad because I haven't blogged in what seems like forever... forgive me please.

   Well tonight I went on a little adventure with my son, Anthony. (I drag him along on them quite often, he likes it.) Tonight we were in Blanco, Texas. We live very close and even attend mass there on Sundays. I had been wanting to visit this charming Store or as you can say Gallery for a while now, I would go as far as saying as long as I have lived here in Spring Branch, Texas. As it so happens for my luck, when I drove by tonight they were still open! You see the normal hours of operation state that they close at 5:00 p.m. I am very happy that I was allowed to walk around and ohh and aww at all the treasures, even snap some pictures!

With out further a due...

   The first room we went into had very cool beaded jewelry, stones and many international looking items. Many things I would love to have for myself or things I like to collect. I'm a sucker for those paper folding fans.

 One of the first rooms we went into had an antique Spittoon, I had to take this picture.
I fell in love with this phone!
   Many antique items all in such great condition! Wonderful antique furniture, even toys...

Gotta love Wonder Woman.

Anthony found this Authentic WWII helmet. He said it was heavy.

Very Nautical Wall Clock, you can't see because of the quality of my picture but there is a mermaid around six o'clock.

Shave set

Awesome antique register! (I should have pushed some buttons!)

I had to ask what this was... It's a scale of course! I don't know how I couldn't figure it out for myself.

   Well there you have it folks, Rain Bird Gallery in Blanco, Texas. Go check it out if your ever in the area. I already have my favorite items in mind that I want to snag. (Pssttt, they offer lay away also...)

                                                                                                                xoxo, Val


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