Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Goodies, Chocolate

   This year I wanted to make chocolate covered, well everything. I bought lots of goodies, and me and my daughter went to town. We had such a good time, here are the pictures!

   Chocolate covered Butter cookies with crushed Peppermint sprinkles

     White Chocolate covered Fortune cookies, covered in Peppermint sprinkles

  White Chocolate covered Butter cookies, covered in Peppermint sprinkles

   White Chocolate Peppermint Bark

   White Chocolate covered Fortune cookies, covered in sprinkles

   White Chocolate covered Fortune cookies, covered in Coconut shavings

  Chocolate covered butter cookies, covered in Coconut shavings

   Chocolate covered dried Kiwi, covered in Coconut shavings

   Chocolate covered Butter cookies, covered in diced Pecans

   Chocolate covered Creme filled Wafers, covered in diced Pecans

  Chocolate Pecan Bark

   Don't they look Yummy! Here is how I packaged them to give to my family.

Happy Holidays.

                                                                                                           xoxo, Val


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Flower Loom Projects

   I have been making flowers lately with flower looms. They are so easy and fun to make! Since the kids are out of school this week I decided teach them how to make them, they had a blast and made some very cute flowers.

    I am very proud of all the girls hard work. Pictured here are flower pen toppers, hair clips, hair pins, hair ties, and flowers soon to find  homes. :)

   Before starting our flowers though we ran into a predicament, we only had one flower loom! So I had to fashion some and fast! We had some supplies laying around and my mom had been reading on how to make them and sharing ideas with me. So off we went!

   All three of our finished homemade looms! Neat huh!?
   Me "winging" using my ribbon spool loom.  I was working this one on my memory of a picture I saw online, and no sure knowledge of how to use this design of loom. I figured it out. ;)

    The nails worked pretty well here, I could slide them in when I need to take the flower off. :)

   Finished flower from that loom.

   We all had a great day, and I'm excited that the girls all loved making these.Smiles!

                                                                                                              xoxo, Val


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Flower Looms Insperation

   I have been working with looms lately and in particular flower looms. Here are some videos and links I used as my inspirations, tomorrow me and the girls are going to be making some (and hopefully some other projects) and I will post our pictures!

A great projects page with video and LOTS of links!
Flower Looms, different styles!

Thank you to Sarah Bradberry, for such a great site I will be going back often!

                       My first flower headband, cute.

                                                                                                             xoxo, Val


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blue Snowflake Lollipop Ornament

   I made these ornaments the other night, Yeah! and I finally got around to photo them. Enjoy. :)

                                                                                                               xoxo, Val


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


   I may be wayyy behind in the crafting/blogging community, but I just found Craftgawker, thanks to Craftgossip via my Facebook feed. This site seems so incredibly fun, and I can't wait to submit a project! Well I have some great projects to stumble over and new blogs to see on this great site. If you have any experience with this site or advice, let me know. :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sweets coming before Christmas

   I have gone sweets crazy! I have been buying so many things to dip in chocolate (top with nuts, coconut shavings, and sprinkles) for this Holiday season. I think I am going to save most projects for right before Christmas, but my daughter is asking to do one before, so I will post the outcome and pictures here of course! I have so many ideas it's crazy and I know they will be well received (as long as they look pretty. J/K, how can you say no to goodies dipped in chocolate.)  I am running behind in some picture taking so my ornament post will be up later this week. :)

                                                                                                                xoxo, Val

Friday, December 10, 2010

Wineglass Charms

     Picture this...Your at a get together with some good friends, the wine is served and just about everyone has a glass. When you put your glass down on the bar/counter, you did a quick glance over to remember where you set your glass down. (Like that ever works.) Just like you thought you would, you forget which glass is yours. Wineglass charms are a handy way to mark your glass from the others, if they are all the same style. There are many different styles of charms out there, but here I will show you my spin on this fun little party accessory.

   When hanging out with the ladies enjoying a glass, these charms are so fun. I think of it like my favorite part of Monopoly, picking out your character. (Yeah I'm not that fond of Monopoly as you can tell.) Most wineglass charm sets have a theme used and you can choose your own color or character.

   I love the idea of wineglass charms, so it is always a joy to make them. Here is a little photo how to on how I make mine. Enjoy.

* Memory wire, about 11/2 " in diameter
* Needle nose pliers, wire cutters
* colored beads/ silver beads
* Charms of a similar theme

             Make a loop with the pliers on one end of the wire.

             String the beads and charms on to each wire. Have fun!

              Bend the other side of the wire, angled up to go through the loop.

              Aren't they pretty...?
                                                                                                               xoxo, Val


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas present for me!

   I have been wanting a tomato pin cushion for as far as I can remember... So today I broke down and made one! Enjoy, I hope this post turns out how I wanted and you can use it as a tutorial. :) It will be my first if so.

* 8" cut out fabric circle
* needle
* thread, I used embroidery thread
* rice
* fluff, anything to stuff your pin cushin
* sand (optional)
* felt
* glue gun and glue sticks

   I started this project and then decided to do the progression pictures for the tutorial after, opps. Knott your thread and make a running stitch around the outside edge of the circle, (the top of the tomato) bunching it together as you go. (Seen above)

   Then fill the bottom of the tomato with rice, to weigh it down. The top with fluff, packing pretty tight.

   Finish the stitch and secure with a few extra stitches and knot off, then cut excess. Then get a new piece of embroidery thread and stitch through a corner of the bunched fabric bringing it through the "core" of the tomato, bring the needle and thread all the way to the bottom of the tomato. (Try to keep it centered.)

   Use a tiny circle of felt to mark the center of the bottom of your tomato, also to reinforce the stitching going on there. Keep working around the tomato, in even sections, thread trough the top to the bottom of the tomato.

   Finish the sections and turn the tomato over and stitch at the top of your fruit to secure. ( You don't have to cut this piece of thread.)

    Cut out your felt leaves for the top of the tomato and thread through. Dab a bead of glue under the thread to secure in place. You can tie off and loop the thread.

   or...(Now this part is optional.) Leave a tail for the sand strawberry, I left about 6".


   Cut a small triangle for the strawberry, and straight stitch a seem to make a cone. Then fill the cone with sand and make a running stitch around the top of the berry.

    Push the left over fabric into the strawberry.

    Cut a tiny leaf for the top of the strawberry, thread it down to the top of the berry and dab a bead of glue to secure it.

   Now get the tail end you left off of the tomato and sew the strawberry to it, securing it with some stitching and even add some veins onto the leaf. (If you like.) :) As you can see I couldn't wait to use my new pin cushion.

   All done!

                                                                                                             xoxo, Val


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cute Coal

   I think I may know someone I would like to give this to. I couldn't stand it, this is so cute, I had to share. I may make one soon.
   I found this on it is originally from Melissa Burt. Grumpy the Lump of Coal, here is the free pattern download.
                                                                                                             xoxo, Val

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yummy, Snowmen Cookies!

   I was strolling along the sweet side of the internet winter wonderland tonight, and man oh man, I found some cute (and delicious) snowmen ideas! The first I fell in love with instantly, I know the kidos will love these. I think tomorrow I want to run out and get the ingredients for these Melted Snowman Cookies, from The Decorated Cookie.

     Isn't that adorable! Last year me and the kids made Gingerbread Bears, and this may be a new tradition.

    Then I found Grin and Bake It's Snowmen Sweets...Cookies, Cupcakes,Cake Pops and More! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Such cute features of sweet ideas!

    Originally from Cherrapeno's blog, Winter Cranberry Cupcakes.

    Originally from The Kids Birthday Fun Review's, Holiday Treat~White Chocolate Dipped Snowman Cherries.

   Here I found the cutest Gingerbread House from Cute Food For Kids, even though her son didn't think so.

    To keep the snowman theme theme on this post (haha) here are the snowman embellishments out side of Cute food For Kids Gingerbread House- Hello Kitty's Home.

   Check out these blogs for great Holiday sweets ideas, I think I have some time to spend in the kitchen!

                                                                                                           xoxo, Val


Thursday, December 2, 2010

La Vie en Rose - Edith Piaf

   I love these guys and if you want to see more of their music check out their channel on YouTube, PomplamooseMusic's YouTube Channel. To purchase their music, here is the Itunes store, Download Pomplamoose Music. I have been a fan and was super happy to see they have a commercial now!

I will most likely post more of their music here... as I love it so much...

   Enjoy and have a great listen!
                                                                                                            xoxo, Val

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New pictures!

   Just a quick update of some more bottle cap pendents. These are beautiful and I am very proud of how wonderful they came out. I want to go more in this direction with them in the use of flowers and sayings.

   Thank you for stopping by. :) What do you think?
                                                                                                         xoxo, Val