On an adventure yesterday we stopped at a thrift store. I am loving my new find!

It's a 1947 Revere Eight movie camera. I am loving it and have already shot some (accidental) videos, this camera came with film already loaded. (Along with a warning from the shop owner saying he had no idea what was on the film so view at my own discretion.) I believe it still works, I have been looking into finding the equipment to project the film and I will be recording it with my camera. I can't wait to get started and love doing the research also. I will keep you posted.

This movie camera was produced in 1940. When it was introduced on the market, Samuel Briskin wanted to sell a product that was similar like the "Bell&Howell Companion", yet sold for just about half the price. It is equipped with a lens Wollensak Revere 12,5 mm, f:3.5, Velostigmat. The housing is made by metal and its color is brown. Its weight is kg. 0,900 e its size is 58x127x110 mm.    taken from:

                                                                                                                xoxo, Val


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