D.I.Y. Saturday: Glam Makeup Brush Tutorial

   Whoo Hoo! Saturdays are Awesome, especially when you have a new D.I.Y. project to work on. I had some make up brushes that were a little... well, ho hum. :/ So I decided to spruce them up a bit, I found some 1940's pin up gifs. (I just Googled 1940 pin up girl, and printed out some sheets.) and with my trusty friend Mod Podge we created some much more interesting get prettied up sticks.

1. Gather supplies.

  • boring make up brushes
  • printed pin up gifs 
  • bead embellishments, get creative!
  • paper cutter/scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • small craft brush
  • small cup of water to rinse your brush off
  • small blotting towel to blot execs water from brush 
  • heavy duty craft glue
2. Cut your gifs out.

   Cut out pieces not shown here but as you see the gifs have borders around them. I cut the top and left border off, the bottom and right border I left on for overlapping the pieces on the brushes.

3. Now for the fun part, the Mod Podging of the cut out pieces!

   You can see the pattern I am using here, I continued this pattern on most of the brushes. I did also try different techniques on other brushes though, trial and error, find a system that works for you.

   Lookie! I already have three done, the bottoms of the brushes were a little tricky but I used a gif cut with only the top border remaining (for overlap use) and Mod Podged it in place to cover the uneven last bits.

4. Embellish with pretties! I used pearls.

I used a heavy duty glue to glue a pearl bead on the tops of the brushes, press and hold in place till the bond is pretty strong. Get creative! You can use anything to "dress up" your project!

5. Let set and enjoy your "new" prettied up make up brushes!


    Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and project, I worked hard on it. I hope to see some feedback if any one is inspired by this. Write about it and link up to me, or send me an email with a picture or two and I will write about it. I would love to, my pleasure. ;) Well guys I will let you get back to your Saturday. Think crafty thoughts, and make something, it's Saturday!

                                                                                                              xoxo, Val


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