Thursday, January 24, 2013

A New Direction Upon My Return

Hello Friends!

   and Happy New Year! I haven't posted in what seems like forever, (it's been about three months) I think at this point with not really knowing what to do with this blog I'm going to go in a different direction. More personable me thinks may be the way to go. I'm tired of feeling overwhelmed by "The Blog!". So here I go, wish me luck guys.

   I have been up to a few different things lately, sampling being one, using sites like Influenster to try products they send me. I like it so far, and it really is lighting a fire under me to blog more and tell people about these products I have been given to try. I need to write a review of the products they have sent me so far, but that will come in due time. I have already been sent two packages of full sized products, shampoo & conditioner also THREE full sized bottles of dish washing liquid. 

   Another thing I am still doing, and trying to be more strict with myself I might add, is trying to stay mostly Vegan. In case you don't know what being Vegan entails here is Wikipedias definition of Veganism. I do this mostly for health reasons, I believe it will pay off in the long run. Take it or leave it, that's what I like to think. I did pretty well yesterday and even got kudos from my Grandmother about how great I ate throughout the day. I went to bed at a decent hour and woke up feeling amazing! I was fully awake filled with energy like I hadn't been in a long while. I will surely share some great Vegan bloggers and YouTubist I enjoy in the near future.

   I have not been Geocaching in a real long time, I hope to change that soon. No matter what the cost!!!

Well Friends, that's about all for now. I will leave you with some photos of busy Leaf Cutter Ants the family and I saw a while back. I haven't shared these anywhere yet even though I have been dying to! Enjoy & Happy Thursday to you all.

Look at that mess they are making, busy guys!

Xoxo, Val