Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's a pretty fun hobby...

   Ok everyone, I have been keeping a hobby of mine from you for a while now. I even started a seperate blog for it but at the moment that blog is under the weather and I'm not really sure I'm ready to rescue it quite yet... I hope to bring it back to life one day, but I just don't have the patience right now. I like to go on these little treasure hunts you see, it's great fun for the kids and I love it very dearly. Gets us closer to nature and out doing fun stuff, what else can you ask for in a hobby!??? I like to photograph EVERYTHING! So I will go ahead and post the photos here for you all to enjoy. To find out more about Geocaching go to 

Grab a walking stick, some sun block, tons of water and get outdoors soon! Maybe find some Caches!

First easy peasy!

No swag, just the log...

Didn't get this find digitally, so here's a pretty sweet video. :)

Great find, super easy, but super busy!

Pretty tricky guys...  ;)
Last one for the evening, batteries ran low...

   Great evening of caching had by all. I have a new idea for my cache photos in the future, I can't wait to show off. I kind of think the way I have been taking my photos is sort of ho-hum...

Cheers and have a great rest of the day/night to you all. 

Once again, get outdoors and do something awesome!!!

xoxo, Val