Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Geek Cookies

   You read right my friends! GEEK COOKIES! Now I am not a total nerd, but I enjoy me some geek every now and again. Just sharing some geeky love here. So lets put our plastic frame glasses on and enjoy some sugar nerdoligy.

From Huffington Post: see all pictures here.

P.S. My favorites were from Not So Humble Pie, Wii, Xbox, PS3 Controller Sugar Cookies & Royal Icing 101: Space Invaders.  

P.S.S. Did you know there was a Ummm yeah, I didn't either!

P.S.S.S. What would a blog about GeekCookies be with out Star Wars Cookies!? (Come on I had to.) Geeky Cookies - The Death Star Cookie.

Ok, that was the last one, promise.  ;)

                                                                                                             xoxo, Val