Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scarf Drama-rama

   I am happy to say, I am finding joy in my new love for knitting. :) I love it, but it is quite the love/hate relationship. I started a nice red scarf project, not the one I previously posted about. I was knitting in the dark apparently...no really, I must have been tired. Any who, some how I lost my place or became unraveled, my stitches JUMPED! They looked off like some sort of manufacturing malfunction. Want to see what I had to do...

Oh yeah! Not a pretty picture, and considering this is being done on a loom, I had to take all the stitches off the pegs and put them back on just right so they didn't mess up.

   Here she is today though, no scares and in recovery doing just fine.

   I also was goofing around on line when I found Stunning: No Sew Bow-Tie Ribbon Statement Necklace Tutorial, I decided to try my hand and make one.  :) Here it is, mine doesn't look nearly as good as hers, but I tried. 

   It came out o.k. I will try my hand at more at a later date maybe, it was fun to make. Thank you, for stopping by.

                                                                                                              xoxo, Val