Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yummy, Snowmen Cookies!

   I was strolling along the sweet side of the internet winter wonderland tonight, and man oh man, I found some cute (and delicious) snowmen ideas! The first I fell in love with instantly, I know the kidos will love these. I think tomorrow I want to run out and get the ingredients for these Melted Snowman Cookies, from The Decorated Cookie.

     Isn't that adorable! Last year me and the kids made Gingerbread Bears, and this may be a new tradition.

    Then I found Grin and Bake It's Snowmen Sweets...Cookies, Cupcakes,Cake Pops and More! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Such cute features of sweet ideas!

    Originally from Cherrapeno's blog, Winter Cranberry Cupcakes.

    Originally from The Kids Birthday Fun Review's, Holiday Treat~White Chocolate Dipped Snowman Cherries.

   Here I found the cutest Gingerbread House from Cute Food For Kids, even though her son didn't think so.

    To keep the snowman theme theme on this post (haha) here are the snowman embellishments out side of Cute food For Kids Gingerbread House- Hello Kitty's Home.

   Check out these blogs for great Holiday sweets ideas, I think I have some time to spend in the kitchen!

                                                                                                           xoxo, Val