Friday, December 10, 2010

Wineglass Charms

     Picture this...Your at a get together with some good friends, the wine is served and just about everyone has a glass. When you put your glass down on the bar/counter, you did a quick glance over to remember where you set your glass down. (Like that ever works.) Just like you thought you would, you forget which glass is yours. Wineglass charms are a handy way to mark your glass from the others, if they are all the same style. There are many different styles of charms out there, but here I will show you my spin on this fun little party accessory.

   When hanging out with the ladies enjoying a glass, these charms are so fun. I think of it like my favorite part of Monopoly, picking out your character. (Yeah I'm not that fond of Monopoly as you can tell.) Most wineglass charm sets have a theme used and you can choose your own color or character.

   I love the idea of wineglass charms, so it is always a joy to make them. Here is a little photo how to on how I make mine. Enjoy.

* Memory wire, about 11/2 " in diameter
* Needle nose pliers, wire cutters
* colored beads/ silver beads
* Charms of a similar theme

             Make a loop with the pliers on one end of the wire.

             String the beads and charms on to each wire. Have fun!

              Bend the other side of the wire, angled up to go through the loop.

              Aren't they pretty...?
                                                                                                               xoxo, Val